CERVICHECK™ Self Sampling Kit

The CERVICHECK™ Self-sampling kit empowers women to self-collect their cervical cell samples privately, comfortably, and accurately. It eliminates the need for a trained Nurse to collect the sample manually as well as the need to go to a Healthcare facility for the same thereby bringing down barriers to screening and testing for Cervical Cancer.
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Preventive Diagnosis holds a crucial role in enhancing the overall health of our population, a particularly vital endeavor in our ambitious nation.

it's important to recognize that

Diagnostic methods used for preventive screening in more developed countries may not be directly applicable to our unique circumstances due to various challenges.

Lacking Awareness
When it comes to cervical cancer screening, we face the challenge of a target audience that often lacks awareness about the importance of such screenings.
Brush Insertion mechanism
But there was a pressing need to make significant changes to the brush insertion mechanism, as it was not intuitive and left ample room for errors.
User Friendly Design
The overall design of the product needed to be very user friendly and simple.



We introduced a novel mechanism for raising and lowering the brush during its use.

This mechanism was designed to provide subtle feedback, ensuring that the brush performed optimally. Importantly, we seamlessly integrated this mechanism into the device while maintaining the overall user-friendly design.

We reimagined the process of brush removal after sample collection, taking extra care to ensure that users wouldn't have to touch the collected sample directly.

We designed a new clip that safely removes the brush and securely places it into the storage container, thereby improving both convenience and hygiene.
In the realm of product development, particularly in healthcare products, the user experience takes center stage. In this context, our design approach was squarely aimed at catering to the needs of the end user, an ordinary Indian woman. We carefully crafted the product's form to be user-friendly, with a focus on making it approachable and intuitive.
Service Design

Am I as healthy as I think I am?


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Why would people feeling perfectly healthy want to proactively check their risk for cancer in the future? Fujifilm's requirement to conceptualize a Cancer Screening service for an asymptomatic Indian population posed an intriguing challenge with no clear way forward in sight.