We bring insight to concepts by responding empathetically to unstated needs.

Summaries of some of our research projects.
Uncovering hidden narratives in the wardrobes of the everyday Indian
An ethnographic inspired approach was innovated to provide a view from the ground up of fashion in young India. Extensive photo, audio and video documentation was curated to provide fashion brand and strategy teams a deeper understanding of the cultural, social and economic factors influencing Indian fashion consumers.

For global fashion brands looking to enter or expand in India, this research helps their teams build cultural sensitivity and better brand response to form bridges with the host culture.
Presenting at
BoF VOICES 2023,
United Kingdom
In-depth home interviews and conversations
Cities: Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Coimbatore
Personal wardrobe explorations and walkthrough
Discovering factors to enhance interactions between ART staff and Patients to promote adherence to HIV treatment
As India persues the goal to be free of the HIV epidemic by 2030, the key issue of treatment-adherence by people identified with HIV becomes a determining factor.
We interviewed 30+ stakeholders across the country to gain insights on how job-aids
could be designed to maximise the effectivness of communication between ART staff and Patients to promote adherence.
3 Insights were distilled which informed the design of Job Aids. In addition we conceptualised the interactions between the ART staff and Patients as a Service that bought operational constraints at an ART center to the fore.
Innovative Job Aids for
the ART counsellor
Change in ART 
Treatment protocol
information for Doctors.
Handbooks for outreach
Culture & practice of midwifery in Indonesia and its impact on new product configuration
A very large percentage of child births are facilitated by midwifes in countries
like Indonesia. GE's revolutionary idea of a portable ultrasound which would be
used by Midwifes and potentially empower her by giving her the tools of a trained sonographer meant that the new product would have to closely align with her existing context and culture of practice.
We recreated a Midwife's clinic and action-researched the bodily interactions between her and the expectant mother to investigate potential configurations. These were then prototyped and tested with Midwifes in Jakarta.

Product Design
IF Design award
Design of the year,
President's Design Award
Singapore 2016
Teasing out the operational complexity of creating an NCD clinic offering radical access to care
We innovated a design method  "Lifestaging" to understand the dynamic complexity to operationalise a NCD clinic offering radical access to care. Lifestaging involved recruiting, health care workers, specialist doctors, patients suffering from diabetes or hypertension and running a temporary clinic to observe the constraints and opportunities to inform the design of a complex system.
Prerna the NCD clinic that we designed orchestrated the actions of Healtworkers, Doctors, Patients, and Technology to deliver NCD healthcare which incorporated the all important factor of lifestyle management alongside clinical interventions.
Service Design
Category Winner
PRERNA Model modified
for serve an African Context
by Medtronic labs.
Prerna Model piloted
In India.
Discovering the psychological barriers preventing early screening for cancer.
The success of FujiFilm's Service to encourage non-symptomatic people to walk-in and get themselves screened for cancer rested on decreasing the fear associated with a positive diagnosis. Our research created the specifications for the Brand and the Service Touchpoints  which needed to work in tandem to bring down the anxiety barrier at every step.
Research played a crucial role to focus stakeholder attention on the primary barrier of fear. This in turn created the allignment neccessary amongst the team to fine tune every brand and touch point to reassure patients through an experience that feels safe and positive.
Brand & Service
Helping position a healthcare service to both its patients and network partners.
Our client, a healthcare startup works with network partners to bring affordable and quality care to patients. They also offer an in-hospital concierge service which is highly appreciated.  Network partners benefit by getting access to patients but sometimes think of Ayu Health as competition. Our research with all stakeholders uncovered the unique position that Ayu Health could occupy without compromising its position amongst network partners.

New Service Flows