Device for Field Ear Screening and Treatment of Otitis Media

A handheld device that enables community health workers to capture images of the tympanic membrane, input patient history, store and share data with healthcare providers for diagnosis and treatment.
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Scanning ear with Entraview
In India and other low income countries, middle ear infection or Ottitis Media is one of the most prevelant but preventable cause of hearing impairment.Medtronic Labs' vision was to create a complete ear care programme, deployed through a model of door to door screening by community health workers.

A device for capturing images of the ear and transmitting it to healthcare providers remotely for diagnosis and treatment.

Medtronic Labs proposed to give the health worker:

Medtronic Entraview
InTuitive usage
Extremely intuitive usage for the healthcare workers who are minimally trained.
Handheld Device
Varying requirements of inter pupillary distance, shape of forehead, etc. need adjustability.
Connected Device
A connected device to aid health worker facilitate immediate consultation from experts.


Using Entraview Screen
Charging Entraview using a cable


We designed the technology and all aspects of the device to create usable early prototypes which could be tested on field. The prototypes themselves needed to be rugged and fully usable.

By the end of 6 months, Icarus Nova had created about 40 prototypes.


With the guidance of a number of collaborators, ENTraview was developed all the way to production.

Intuitive Operation
The aesthetics of the product balances between a professional look and feel for clinicians while at the same time being non intimidating for health workers or patients.

The device is designed for intuitive single hand operations.

Service Design

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Strategy, Service Design

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