3 Steps from an Idea to a User validated Prototype

Innovation for emerging markets is about discovering contextual design solutions. Our innovation process helps us achieve this and has three stages........




1. Design to Discover  2. Just Enough Prototyping  

3. Concept in Use



In the Med Tech space innovators are often end users (Doctors) themselves. The other class of innovations – those that are primarily driven by technology companies – often need strong collaborations with Doctors.

At the core of Design to Discover is a process of hypothesizing how experiences transform ideas to products.

This peek into possible futures happens through simulating “just enough prototypes”, and placing them in rich contexts so that real interactions between Doctor, Device and Patient can become a participatory stage - evaluated “experientially” by all stakeholders.

This first step in the innovation journey is all important. And it is also important that it be all done “together” not parametrically, not in pieces. The Device is the Experience. Our Design to Discover process ensures that the innovation process happens all in the same place with one key concern – how do we come to an understanding of a set of experiences which add perceptible value to Doctor and Patient ?

IcarusNova can create innovation proposals which incorporate this full cycle: Creating hypothesis Taping up solutionsCreating a user research plan and Visualising idea-to-device solutions.