Designing Service - Product Experiences


Designing Service - Product Experiences

The new frontier of Healthcare Experience.

As new technologies enable Healthcare delivery with higher convenience, comfort and patient participation, “patient experience” becomes increasingly the key factor to quick adoption.

Services are being transformed through digital interfaces which make experiences more responsive to individual needs. We model Services through User Journeys, pinpointing the Touchpoints across the Experience.

Some of these touchpoints are Products, others could be Interfaces, Navigational Schemes or Spaces. Different actors and motivations are mapped and a Service Blueprint is created to communicate a comprehensive map of the redesigned service, in order to deliver an enhanced User Experience.



service design for skin care

Kaya Skin Clinic is India’s premium dermatologist led chain of Clinics, providing the promise of healthy and flawless skin to both men and women. Their services designed and supervised by a team of dermatologists and carried out by certified beauty therapists, visibly improves the way skin looks, acts and feels. There are a over 100 Kaya Skin Clinics across the country and in the Middle East. The service is rendered through a combination of dermatologist consultation, therapies and proprietary product formulations.


Kaya Skin Clinic saw an opportunity to extend its brand to stand- alone stores selling only products without its dermatologist consultation. This format called Kaya Skin Bar would be situated in malls and high streets. These new stores would seek to address a far younger audience with motivations quite different from the older audience of the Kaya Skin Clinic.



IcarusNova was tasked with studying the prototype store in Bangalore, identifying different user types, mapping their Journeys, proposing a Service Blueprint and defining a Service Proposition.  Our involvement at every touch point has transformed the Kaya Brand Experience. The new service proposition ties in all elements of the experience from the App for self diagnosis to navigation of product categories throughout the store. The Kaya Skin Brand wears a young and accessible look, quite at variance to the exclusivity of the Kaya Skin Clinic.



  • Service Proposition development for Kaya Skin Bar
  • App for Customer Self Service
  • Nomenclature
  • Store Navigation through Nomenclature and Colour
  • New Identity for Kaya
  • Package Design
  • Brief for Store design