A donor friendly couch for an anxiety free blood donation experience.


The Blood Donor Couch in an average Indian hospital or Blood Transfusion centre was a dismal, uninspiring looking and awkward piece of equipment. Terumo Penpol, one of the largest producers of blood bags in Asia and an established name in manufacturing medical equipment for blood transfusion centres wanted to design and launch an international standard Blood Donor Couch that offered a cost advantage over the imported ones.



Our extensive visits to the centres and meticulous study of the blood donation process put us in the Donor’s shoes! We saw a regular healthy person walking in to give blood. And not a patient! But the existing arrangements at the centres proved otherwise. Our design brief aimed at rectifying this and helping a normal person have a happy and encouraging experience.



Our design initiatives emerged from understanding how the donor interacted with the environs of a blood donation centre. From the moment he steps in how he experienced it visually and emotionally. To how the couch he rests on treated him and during the entire process, how the handling of the equipment affected him. The final product was a perfect fusion of functionality and good looks. To the donor, the first sight of the couch would be friendly and aesthetically pleasing, putting him at ease immediately.

Our design inputs solved the main problems areas of the conventional couch. The uniquely designed leg position suits the hemodynamic of the human body, ensuring blood supply to the vital organs, and minimizes the onset of vasovagal attacks. A critical design innovation enabled a comfortable ‘Head low, foot high’ position in the shortest time for the commonly occurring vasovagal attacks during blood donation, by operating a simple switch. The positions for the stands provided for the Blood Shaker, BP Apparatus and IV Fluids came from an ergonomic understanding of how they would be used—the stands can be swiveled from one side to the other depending on the arm from which blood is drawn. This ensured convenience for the users and comfort for the donor. The height of the couch was reduced so that short people could comfortably access it too. The final product meets all international safety requirements of EN60601-1.



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