Real life inputs which can lead to the evolution of an innovation come alive when prototypes are put through varying use cases, multiple user types, and usage over longer time periods.

To put it in another way, Multiplicity, Contexts and Time Scales combined with observation can be used as a powerful method to sharpen an innovation. 

Particular objectives in doing this may be to derive product specifications, refine user requirements, Understand how to roll out a programe, derive insights which could give the product a market edge and to test technology solutions etc.

Whatever the objectives may be this phase of innovation depends on observers who understand what to look for, as well as observers who are able to incorporate the surprising new data in the form of behaviour or any other non verbal communication.

IcarusNova can create small batches of fully functional prototypes, design a research plan around evolving objectives and use OVOC techniques to evaluate them over a period of time. This service results in prototypes and recommendations which sets the stage for commercial product development.