To underline our commitment in the healthcare space IcarusNova was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Icarus Design. When it was created in 2012,  20 years of experience in the Industrial Design and Product Development space was consolidated into a sharp focus to deliver comprehensive projects for emerging markets.

Sunil Sudhakaran had led the Industrial Design and Product Development team ever since its inception. Over the years he had managed to embed a culture of innovation in Icarus, demonstrating its effectiveness over numerous projects. Sunil passed away in 2013.

IcarusNova’s versatility, a factor so important in the Healthcare Innovation space owes much to the capabilities which have been added on to Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. These capabilities, Design Research, Embedded Electronics, and Versatile Prototyping, all owe much to Sunil’s energy and determination to create effective solutions.

He will be remembered by many students who he mentored with enthusiasm as much as he will be remembered by clients and partners.