From Innovation to Relevance to Experience.


Affordability with focus on relevance are two key needs of Healthcare Innovation for emerging markets. This focus on relevance in innovation drives our involvement.  However, innovation decisions necessitated by frugal resources often compromise device experience.  Design solutions bridge this tension by finding creative ways to move from Innovation to an inspiring experience.

For us, Innovation means defining relevance within the parameters of affordability without compromising product experience. We are Icarus Nova - a Design led Innovation firm. 




An intimate understanding of emerging markets

A multidisciplinary team and approach which is able to participate in any client modality: device, program or service.

A flexibility of approach which does not expect innovation to run in a straight line.

A mindset which is focused on solutions as deliverables.


We have over 20 years of experience - our multidisciplinary capabilities of User Research, Concept Creation, Prototyping, Testing, Engineering, Software Development and regulatory support services can help you to proposition your products for new markets.